Monday, August 1, 2011

I did it...

Well, I did it! I survived my first two days back at school. The first day- whoa. So heart heavy and emotional for me. I knew this school was a low income school. I knew that these kids were from the hood. People have been telling me that for ages. BUT, I had NO idea. You guys. Seriously, my heart was so heavy on Thursday. Friday however went much better, but I was emotionally drained.
I wasn't in so much shock on Friday, so of course it was much better. I was ready, confident, and I like to think I did a great job. I was asked by three different kids if I could adopt them. I was asked if I was a teenager-multiple times. I was told my room was like "paradise" and that it looked like "a movie." It's just so crazy to think that these kids live not even a mile from my house, but still we live in two completely different worlds. This year is going to be so good for me. It will force me to rely on God for my strength and to really strive to be a huge inspiration to these kids. I think that's what teaching is all about though. The amazing thing is our school is the best part of these kids day. If I can make a difference in their lives, I will have done my job.

In other news we did a Teacher flash mob on Friday for our assembly. We completely shocked the kids. It was classic. All these ghetto kids with SERIOUS rhythm watched their white teachers try and bust a move. Holy hilarity. It was priceless. I'll try and see if I can get some pictures. So funny!

Happy Monday!!