Wednesday, November 28, 2012

2 weeks...

My dearest Garrett,
this week you turned 2 weeks old.
You started smiling in your sleep this week. I know they aren't intentional yet, but they melt my heart just the same. We also switched from nursing to pumping/bottle feeding back to nursing. I'm not sure why exactly, but I'm one determined lady & we're figuring this thing out together. No one said this would be easy, but you sure make it worth it. You also let me sleep for 5 straight hours on Tuesday. We were back to our usual 2-4 hour stretch right after, but it was dreamy while it lasted! Thank you for that. We spent our first night away from Daddy. He had to travel for work to the OSU/Baylor game in Waco, Tx. I survived and you did too, but boy were we glad when he returned. While he was gone I ventured out with you on a secret mission to make some Christmas gifts for our family. They are perfect and I can't wait to show them off. 

Here we are on our date Mommy/Son date... 
We also went on our first date with Esly (and Megan) this week! We met up at Target, (duh!) and even went and picked her up from school. You two were adorable and she is so fascinated with you. Not that I want to wish the time away, but I'm so excited to see you two grow up together. It makes my heart so full. :)

You are just such a joy!

Love, Your Mommy

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012...

I think this was my favorite Thanksgiving of my life. Here we are as a new family of three. :)
After spending the first part of the day with Dylan's family he was off to work for the first time since we had our son. 
I was super worried how I would manage the rest of the day by myself, but I figured it out and he was great anchoring with some of our favorites. They were so wonderful and kind in his return to work. Dylan even got to thank all the sweet people in Oklahoma who have been wishing us well and praying for a safe and healthy baby and delivery. So that was a sweet surprise. :)
Before Dylan went back to work we convinced him to hang our outside Christmas lights. Garrett and I had a picnic in the front yard, while Dylan hung the lights. Clearly, our job was exhausting. It all looks fantastic & I'm so thankful I have a husband who is helpful.
 After Thanksgiving round 2 with my side of the family, we all decided to keep the tradition alive and head to Target for Black Friday. I bundled up Garrett as cuddly as can be and we were off. My family takes Black Friday so seriously, so I was very thankful to not miss it this year. I sent this picture to Dylan and what do you know-we were on the news again. ;) Garrett and I now have been on TV twice in two weeks. I'm already trying to figure out how we can be on next week. ;) Kidding of course.
Friday morning we went to the Christmas tree farm to continue our black friday tradition. We picked out a pretty good one, if I do say so myself. :) 
Hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday as well! 
Happy Thanksgiving! 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

7 days fresh...


You are one week old! This picture is about as good as it gets with our stickers...We'll try again next Wednesday :)
 You watched your first Celtics game with your Daddy when we were still in the hospital.
 I spent my time staring at you and holding you being a sweet cuddly babe. I have absolutely fallen in love with you and your cute self. Especially when you yawn. My goodness. I think it might be my favorite. 
 We went to the Pediatrician's office and I got to brag about how great you are. I also cried when we talked about breastfeeding/pumping. I was a hot mess of hormones, but she assured me it was normal & you got to show off your beautiful blue eyes. 
 And this is how we spend our nights: you sleep peacefully in between feedings/diaper changes and I just stare at you. I can't even begin to believe that you were in my belly just 7 days ago. You are an absolute miracle. I should probably sleep when you do, but how could I? You're already changing so fast. You are adorable and are so sweet natured I just want to soak up every second. 

Your Mommy.
(that sure feels good to say!)

Thursday, November 15, 2012


Garrett Asher Buckingham

 Click here to see a little more : KFOR Family Welcomes Garrett Asher :)

Friday, November 9, 2012

Still No Baby...

Do you know how many times people have asked me that this week? Along with: "Where's that baby?" "Is he ever going to show up??" As if I'm not ready OR I was somehow instilled with this knowledge of the time and day he will make his grand arrival? So confusing. I mean, hello. I'm waiting too. And I can promise you, I am more ready than you are. I know their intentions are sweet and I'm sure thankful people care enough to check on me. But good grief, don't ask a 9 month pregnant girl when that babies going to come? Just don't do it. It should be along the same lines as telling them: "WOW! You are HUGE!" Never appropriate. Never. due date came and went...For fear of not having "my last pregnant picture" I have been crazy about getting at least one picture each day. So here's what I did this week...

Tuesday: I voted (at 39 wks & 6 days pregnant). After an hour of standing in line- I got escorted to the front. So nice of them to let me pass an enormous crowd of people. I was sure thankful. I then headed to my Dr.'s appt. where I took this:

Then Wednesday rolled around... I did some laundry and had Dylan take my picture (hopeful it would be the last day...) I was wrong and clearly, very tired. Story of my life. :)

Then Thursday arrived. My due date. Dylan was off. We sat around and contemplated life. I wished my water to break. It did not. And I went to bed having some strange pains, but just decided I should rest and try again tomorrow. (So no picture on my actual due date.)


And here we are today: so tired, sun in my eyes, ready to meet our son and anxious to get this show on the road. 

In other news I feel the need to say: I am SO thankful for such a healthy/relatively easy pregnancy and I would do it again a million times over to meet our son, but I need to keep it real: I legit miss my wedding ring, my ankles and shaving my legs without it feeling like I just had a hard work out. ;)

Here's hoping I have him sooner rather than later. It's seriously exhausting keeping my hair clean every day just in case I might need to head to the hospital.