Thursday, July 19, 2012

Back to Life, Back to Reality...

Ha! But seriously, that's how I feel. We were gone to the Caribbean for 5 days and now we're back to home sweet 'homa. ;) 

We got back last Friday and after not even being back for 24 hours I headed to Tulsa to an Affair of the Heart with my cutie Mom and her sisters. We even ran into the QT guy. Hilarious!

An Affair of the Heart is an incredible Oklahoma craft/trade show that I haven't been to in a year or so. They come here to the city twice a year (Spring/Fall) and they head to Tulsa in July. Since I haven't been able to make the OKC one, we decided to make a girls trip to check it out. It was great and I came home with lots of fun goodies. Saturday night I came back and by Sunday afternoon Dylan left for Tulsa for a guys weekend golf trip with some of his friends. 

He came back yesterday and is headed back to work today and I go back Monday. Ack! I feel like this Summer has flown by, but more than that - I'm happy that I've accomplished quite a bit. The nursery is coming together more and more everyday and I've really gotten to take some time to myself to rest and reenergize. It's been nice and I'm looking forward to the new school year. Which also means we have approximately 15 weeks til we meet our little boy :) I can't even believe we'll be parents. 

Speaking of our little boy, he is also pretty darn close to having a name. :) Here's a sneak peak into his sweet nursery. I got that frame at Affair of the Heart. So sweet! 
Happy Thursday, friends!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Weekend Wrap...

Friday I had Recipe Club with some of my favorite girls. I made Wonton Taco Cups from pinterest. They were really great. I forgot to take an after picture, but here they are before going into the oven. 
They were pretty great, and SO easy! I made them for the appetizer/side dish category this month. We ate and then stayed and talked for a long time and I got to hang out with my baby bff, Esly. 
My goodness I love this girl.
She was playing with my phone and she flipped the camera to see us. Too funny! 
Saturday I took a painting class with my friend Joselyn, from work. She teaches 4th grade and we've been talking about signing up for one of those classes for a while. So saturday we did just that and it was so fun. From the awkward teacher who had to be gay, but was incessantly hitting on every woman there, to the woman who was so mad about her painting (which was beautiful by the way) .. it was a great time. We did the field of poppies class.
I was really worried how I would do with a class like this, since I love to paint...but it was so fun. I had to turn off my creative side and just follow directions. Which was good for me. My favorite was that each person had a completely unique painting to them, but they were all so similar. I want to go again with a big group of girls. 
Today I'm spending my day packing and laundering all of our clothes. We're off to our vacation tomorrow. CanNOT wait! 

23 Weeks...

Whoa. I just keep letting time get away from me, and I know I will be sad when I look back and realize I was a blog slacker. But here I am for my 23rd week update. 

Pregnancy Highlights:

Size of the Baby: Baby B is the size of a papaya this week. Which is bigger than a spaghetti squash. Let me just tell you, I went out and bought a spaghetti squash last week because I could NOT believe that something that big was inside of me. So unreal!

Maternity Clothes: I'm loving all dresses and my same comfy pants with maternity tshirts. Those are my normal outfits these days, or a maternity swimsuit and a coverup. I have been living in the water this summer. The only place my belly doesn't feel heavy :)

Gender: BOY!...still no name. 

Movement: So much more frequently! Almost constantly. I keep trying to catch his sweet little kicks from the outside. I've caught a couple, but it's like a freak accident.. I just can't wait til it happens and Dylan can feel a glimpse at what I'm feeling. But for now, I'm selfishly thankful for this time where it's just me.. It's our own little momma/baby relationship :)

Sleep: I sleep pretty good for the most part. My sweet mother in law bought me a pregnancy pillow, absolute heaven! My only complaint is sleeping on my sides hurt my hips- so I'm flipping back and fourth through out the night. I swear they are widening overnight. I wish that would calm down. Ha!

What I Miss: Not too much. I just feel really thankful... Scratch that- Maybe life before heartburn? Ha!

Cravings: Icees from 7-eleven. Yum! Dr. Pepper- straight, nothing else. 

Aversions: Protein. But, I am REALLY trying. 

Best moment this week: My sweet mom painting the nursery for us as a surprise. It is SO beautiful and perfect! And...Catching little baby kicks in the morning from the outside. It makes for a great morning wake up.  OH and another appt hearing his sweet little heartbeat. 155. Lots of best moments. :)

*Bump pictures are so awkward. I apologize.