Thursday, December 30, 2010

Lambeau Buckingham...

As most of us know, my husband is a sports broadcaster. So obviously sports are more than just a passion. He lives.breathes.eats.sleeps.anything having to do with sports.

Specifically his favorite teams:
The Boston Red Sox.
The Oklahoma Sooners.
The Green Bay Packers.
The Boston Celtics.

Since Dylan and I were dating, {quite honestly it could have even been before this} he has told me about his dream dog. It will be a Golden Retriever, it will be named Lambeau {after Lambeau field, where the Packers play} and it will be his. He will love it more than life itself. So being the fab wife that I am, I knew {even when I was just his girlfriend} that I would be fulfilling this dream of his one day. Because I love him. And that's what you do when you love someone. Make them happy, because it makes you happy to see them so happy.

That day has come. January 9th. We will pick up this little guy.

It is a Golden Retriever.

It is named Lambeau.

And it is his.

And I'd say he loves him more than life itself. :)

Merry Christmas, Dylan Ross! Welcome to the family Lambeau Buckingham! We can't wait to show you your new home & introduce you to your sister Piper!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010...

This year, whew. It wears me out just to think about it. I plan to be better about blogging in 2011. I finally feel pretty settled. The last few weeks have come and gone and I don't even know where to start to catch back up. {what else is new?!}

But why not try?...
-We decorated our house for Christmas like this...

-We mailed our Christmas card with this photo and I forgot to save the digital image, so just pretend...

-Christmas came and went and was absolutely wonderful. Dylan and I just kept looking at each other and thinking how thankful we are for this life. I know I've said it a gajillion times, but really. I love this life I've been given and I never want to take a single second for granted.

I made these for some of my girlfriends and neighbors...

-We spent time with our families and loved every second of it.

-I made more Oreo balls than I care to count. {& probably will never make them again}

-I surprised Dylan with this...

-Which means we are now on the hunt for one of these...

I think that's about it really :) Tomorrow we are driving 2.5 hours away to look at a puppy breeder. I can't wait to potentially meet our newest family member and put our deposit down. Eeek!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

The December Chaos Has Arrived...

It's officially Christmas in the Buckingham household.

I couldn't love it more. Something about this time of year just feels so cozy. I love {more than I ever dreamed} having a fireplace and a home to call our own.

This weekend has been c.raz.y. I had Crafting & Cocktails, our work Christmas party at a pottery studio where I painted this...

I can't wait to see it all finished and fired.

Then I had a baby shower to attend for my cute pregnant friend, Erin. We got her a cloth diaper kit that she and her husband Michael wanted. I'd say it was a success. I still can't believe that my friends are starting to have babies. Unreal. I just don't feel old enough for that. :)

Today we went to church, then to a birthday party then to the grocery store and then I hosted Recipe Club for the first time at our house. I'd say it was a pretty good weekend, but most certainly a busy one.

It makes life so much easier now that we are starting to feel a bit more settled. I hope it only gets better from here!