Thursday, December 30, 2010

Lambeau Buckingham...

As most of us know, my husband is a sports broadcaster. So obviously sports are more than just a passion. He lives.breathes.eats.sleeps.anything having to do with sports.

Specifically his favorite teams:
The Boston Red Sox.
The Oklahoma Sooners.
The Green Bay Packers.
The Boston Celtics.

Since Dylan and I were dating, {quite honestly it could have even been before this} he has told me about his dream dog. It will be a Golden Retriever, it will be named Lambeau {after Lambeau field, where the Packers play} and it will be his. He will love it more than life itself. So being the fab wife that I am, I knew {even when I was just his girlfriend} that I would be fulfilling this dream of his one day. Because I love him. And that's what you do when you love someone. Make them happy, because it makes you happy to see them so happy.

That day has come. January 9th. We will pick up this little guy.

It is a Golden Retriever.

It is named Lambeau.

And it is his.

And I'd say he loves him more than life itself. :)

Merry Christmas, Dylan Ross! Welcome to the family Lambeau Buckingham! We can't wait to show you your new home & introduce you to your sister Piper!


  1. He is seriously cute! Happy New Year to you two. =)

  2. I can smell his puppy breath already! Can't wait to meet him in person :) 9 more days...