Monday, September 5, 2011

Picture Dump...

Well, I've been in school for six weeks now! Crazy to think that's the truth. My classroom got a little facelift in the last few weeks that aren't on my classroom tour, so I thought I'd show them here. I painted a rocking chair to be my teacher chair and added a white board next to my smart board and an alphabet/number line for my reading class.

My cutie brother moved away to college and as a family we went and bombarded his new dorm room. It's surprisingly great and for a hot second made me miss dorm life. ;)

Piper {finally!} got a hair cut, I'm embarrassed at how long it had been. but LB was sure glad she was home.
Speaking of dogs my mother in law got a new puppy. He is absolutely precious!!

And we celebrated my wonderful husband's 24th birthday. I hosted my first little birthday party at our house. It was wonderful if I do say so myself. Can't wait to see what the next 24 birthdays are like. :)
OU had their first game of the season (We won!) which means we had our first family watch party, I definitely forgot to take pictures-dang! But I made these, along with guacammus. Both were divine.

Happy Tuesday! BOOMER SOONER!!


  1. Happy September! Hope you are enjoying your new job (looks like you are)! Miss all of my friends in Oklahoma :)

  2. those look so good! and yay for guacummus!