Sunday, April 22, 2012

The details...

Back in February, a couple days before I found out I was pregnant, I had this very vivid dream that I was 9 months pregnant. In my dream, I started having major contractions and I made Dylan take me to the hospital for delivery. I remember the whole delivery process and after several hours the doctor handed me a beautiful baby girl and Dylan and I named her, Hattie. A couple of days went by and we took our baby home for the first time. I laid Hattie down to take a nap and decided I would go try and take a nap as well because I was so exhausted. Now fast forward to real life: I woke up in a COMPLETE panic, heart racing, scared to death because I hadn't heard her cry. (?!?!) What the hell. After a few seconds I thought to myself, "Hello, dingbat, you don't have a baby." But I was totally freaked out. I told Dylan how weird and realistic it was and we both brushed it off to a crazy dream. I should've known then something was weird. I am not typically a dreamer. Or if I do dream, I never remember them. That one, I will never forget. The next day I had a complete FREAK OUT over dog hair. Which dog hair does drive me crazy, but not normally in tears kind of crazy. I was throwing a fit all by myself over dog hair. Crying and the whole shebang by myself at home. Over something I could've just vacuumed up. But no, I was crazy. Absolutely ridiculous. By Saturday I decided to take a pregnancy test. In seconds it came back positive. So I took another. And another. And one more just to be sure. 12 tests later, (they were on sale one day, I decided to stock up. Thinking one day I would thank myself.) I decided it probably was legit. It was almost fun to take them by the end because it was like the test I could not fail. I told Dylan and the rest is history. Our little secret. :) When people find out that I'm pregnant, they ask me one of a few things, if not several. I thought I should write them down for my own memory, since I'm majorly lacking in that department these days, and I'm sure it will be fun to look back on. These are my typical conversations lately... "OH! Congratulations!! How far along are you??" : 12 weeks. "How are you feeling?? SO sick??" : Um no, actually I feel great!! Just tired. A tired I never knew existed. Like knock you out at 6:45pm and sleep until 10:45am and not feel groggy kind of tired. But, it is getting better every day. These days, I can stay up until 9:20. Ha! "Were you guys planning this?" : First of all I find this offensive. Who on earth cares? And why would that be anyones business? I am married, it's not like I'm sleeping around. Good grief. Secondly, no. But I sure am thankful. ;) "Are you having any cravings? Food Aversions?" Not any cravings really. Just one time I woke up wanting pancakes and breakfast. (Which I can't ever remember a time I thought those things. I hate pancakes.) My only food aversions are to meat. In particular- chicken. Which is completely foreign to me, because I love chicken. I honestly feel like I don't know myself. I will order something that normally is my favorite and I'll take a bite and be completely disgusted. My only safe bet is carbs. Totally not what I should love, but it's a safe bet. Every time. "When do you go to your first ultrasound?" I've already had two, and have my third on Tuesday. I can NOT wait. I love my Doctor more than words can say and she is absolutely wonderful. Getting those pictures just melts my heart and fills me with such joy. I just love it! ... I think that's it... I can't remember or I'm just exhausted. One or the other. :) Oh yeah, and this week, our baby is the size of a large plum. Too precious and growing so fast!!

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  1. This is so exciting, Emily! Congrats - you both must be SO excited and happy!!! Can't wait to hear if it is a boy or girl :)