Friday, May 25, 2012

17 weeks...

This week has absolutely flown by. We're down to only four more days of school-three with kids and I could not be more ready! I just feel exhausted and so ready for a break! Yesterday marked the start of my 17th week. I can't hardly believe that that is real. It seems like yesterday when I was on week 8 feeling like I couldn't wait for the weeks to hurry up and get here. Now, I just want to fast forward to my gender scan and then pause time for a minute. Life is pretty great right now.

Pregnancy Highlights:

Size of the Baby: Baby B is the size of an turnip this week. (Honestly, I don't even know what the means. Ha!) It also says the size of my open hand, 5 inches.

Maternity Clothes: I'm still in most of my normal shirts, they are just getting tight around my lower stomach. And I'm in the same black maternity pants nearly everyday (except when I wear dresses), because they do not hurt my stomach and they are just so darn comfortable.

Gender: We find out a week from Monday!! I can't hardly stand it!

Movement: Last night and this morning I felt a swooshing feeling. The first time I wasn't sure it was baby related, but I'd also never felt that before. But then this morning, same thing. I'm certain now it was the baby. So amazing.

Sleep: I'm sleeping really great.

What I Miss: Not too much this week. Maybe the feeling of liking chicken?

Cravings: Starburst. Particularly, the hot pink strawberry ones. Ha! I only allow myself a couple a day. If even that. But good greif this baby loves them.

Aversions: Protein. Meat, eggs, cheese, nuts.. I just can't like it. Especially chicken.

Best moment this week: Just getting one week closer to the gender scan!


  1. So excited for you to hear if it is a boy or girl!! Very happy for you guys :)