Monday, October 29, 2012

Boo Y'all...

Yesterday was our annual family pumpkin carving party at my parent's house. I love this day every year, but this year was really special. It was the last time that Dylan and I got to carve our pumpkins as a family of two. Pretty surreal. Especially seeing as how when these pictures were taken I'm 9 months pregnant.

We started out the day pumpkin shopping. While we were looking for the perfect pumpkins I couldn't help but notice my stomach was darn huge in comparison to the pumpkins that were for sale. So naturally we stopped to take a picture :)

So here I am with our little pumpkin- 38.5 weeks. 

I don't so much love the act of carving pumpkins, it doesn't really fit the instant gratification bill that I so much love these days...but I do love pumpkin seeds. While everyone spent their time poking holes and carving, I went around collecting everyones gunk and separated seeds. When everyone was nearly done, Dylan and I went rogue and just started carving our own little works of art. Therefore, my pumpkin art is hardly worthy of a picture- this year I went simple. Free handing. My specialty. And not to brag, but I did win a prize from the judges. "Most unique." Haha! :)

And Dylan's- GO PACK GO! 

I mean, is he not the cutest thing you ever did see? He gave up the Packer's game to carve his heart out. So a Packers pumpkin was so fitting.  

I'd say they turned out pretty great! 

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  1. dang thats a lot of carved pumpkins!! awesome!