Saturday, January 30, 2010

Blizzard 2010...

So here is our home, for those of you that haven't seen it. :)

And here is the outcome of our blizzard snow fall. Not nearly as bad as we thought, but still more than I'm used to. It was fun to see snow flakes as big as a dollar coin! A whopping 14 inches!

And as much as I love having a beautiful blanket of snow right outside our window, it is causing me insane frustration! Our dog, bless her heart, absolutely refuses to do her business on the snow. It is like a confusing surface to her, and she just won't do it. Maybe it's because the snow is deeper than she is tall, which I can't hardly blame her, that would be a tricky situation, but either way. I'm going to go crazy. She's probably going to have a bladder infection, because she hasn't pooped in 2 days, and she has only peed once. Cool.

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