Friday, January 22, 2010


Sorry I've been so MIA lately. Life is crazy busy, but overwhelmingly boring all at the same time. Confusing? Probably.

We are finally completely settled here in Texas. Although it's not my favorite place and I don't wish to live her for very long, Dylan and I are making due and have practically perfected having fun with not a lot of money. We officially have the "newly-wed" budget thing going, and I must say, we're pretty good at it!

Other updates:
- I'm still unemployed, and although I am bored to death and just itching to get back into the workforce, I am completely faithful that God's timing is much better than my own.
- During this time off I'm trying to stay busy, and keep myself entertained... which means I'm learning to cook all kinds of great things, and am really conquering that master grocery-list.
- I have learned so much during this month. I've learned to let go, and not sweat about the small stuff. I've learned the true value of a dollar, and am super excited to put my portion of a paycheck into a savings account. I guess I'm just constantly reminded that there are much more important things, I just am thankful for what we have. Even if it's only a little. We're so blessed.
- I start substituting in February, and am scared to death.
- I miss Recipe club, and our friends and family.
- I'm super thankful for Piper, because without her I'd be a crazy lady who talks to myself.

Is it sad that the highlight of my day is packing Dylan's lunch, and checking our mailbox? Geeze I need a job...


  1. emily, so great to hear an update of your life. i know you're bored, but honestly that sounds like heaven to me right now! what have you been cooking? we miss you so much in RC : ( when can we see you again? don't you love being able to live on such a small budget? it feels so rewarding. substituting sounds like fun! you'll be great. praying for you and dylan! i'm sending a package your way soon! love you <3

  2. Everything WILL happen in God's time! I know the feeling of a small budget, and I love making it work. I keep telling myself that we'll look back on these first years and wonder how we did it! Praying you find a job!