Monday, February 22, 2010

The Little Things...

Let me give you the play by play on what just occurred...

It was about 9:52 p.m.
I took Piper on our nightly walk to go check our mail box.
(Although tonight, it's a blizzard, so we ran.)
Anyway, we check the mailbox, and with my freezing fingers, I manage to get it open.
I looked inside and I saw two letters addressed to "Agnesia Norton"... who by the way, fills up about half of our mailbox, most days out of the week. Clearly I find this annoying.
Then with a closer look I spy a package.
(Now Dylan and I rarely get packages, but when we do, it's like Christmas!)
Only today's package came from my sister.
We ran back to the apartment and began to open it, and this is what we saw...
2 wrapped presents with a post it attached to it, that read:
"Sorry I am so late in getting these to you,
Merry Christmas
Happy Kwanza
Happy New Year
Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Happy President's Day
Happy Valentine's Day
Happy Mardi Gras
I love you,
And what might those two packages be, you might ask?
2 movies. One for Dylan, 1 for me.
I love my family.

Now that single handedly made my entire day, better. Tomorrow is a new day. Let's all be thankful for the little things.

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