Tuesday, June 29, 2010

23... Oh geez...

So, yesterday was my birthday. I had already celebrated with my family a couple of weeks ago when I was home for a wedding, so I knew it wouldn't be anything special.
I got lots of calls, text messages, cards, emails and facebook/twitter comments that truly made my day. I wasn't sure how it was going to go. I mean it's my first birthday being married, so being the crazy planner I am, I built up all of these expectations. Little did I know, we wouldn't be seeing our family, Dylan would have to work 12 hours, and we would be poor stuck in a strange new place we call home. Ha!
But wouldn't you know God had better plans in store for me. It completely surpassed my expectations. Dylan and I got breakfast before he left for work, I packed his lunch/dinner and he gave me my present. He got me a beautiful ring. He sang to me and had me blow out the flame from our fire flicker candle lighter thing {classy, I know} but, we didn't have a cake or candles for that matter! Ha! The rest of the day I just hung out around the apartment with Piper and did some cleaning & window shopping and headed to Ruby Tequilas to meet two of my friends from Dylan's news station. They have been so wonderful to have here. Amarillo wouldn't be nearly as fun without them. I thought we were just going to go have dinner together so I wouldn't have to eat by myself, but they both showed up with a gift for me :) So sweet. I couldn't believe it. Megan got me a World Market gift card, which I LOVE World Market. Little did she know World Market is my favorite thing about living in Texas! I'm thinking a nice apothecary jar might be in my future! And Maxine got me not only a trifle bowl but four mini bowls that are so great! I couldn't believe she remembered that I wanted one! I've been wanting one for so long to make cute banana pudding, or dirt, or a pretty salad - anything really! Then Megan bought my dinner and we headed back to my apartment to watch RHONJ. We do this almost every Monday, I just love it! It's so good to have good girlfriends. It was such a great night! Thank you all for making it so special! Dylan and I are both off work tomorrow so we've got a belated birthday date planned to do dinner and a movie. I can't wait! I'm hoping this 23rd year of mine will be a good one! Happy Tuesday everyone!

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  1. awww Happy belated Birthday!! You are so young! I wish I could be 23 again!! lol.
    Glad you have those girlfriends to hang with! Heres to a good year of being 23!