Saturday, January 1, 2011

Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011...

Dear 2010,
I had low expectations for you. I was blown away by 2009 and really doubted the excitement you would bring. Boy was I wrong. I feel like I was slapped in the face, and now it's over. You were by far the fastest year of my life.
Thanks for all of the memories.

Here are some that I don't want to forget:
Living in Amarillo for almost 8 months- thought it would be horrific. Come to find out, I would meet some really sweet friends, and make memories to last a lifetime. I learned a lot about my walk with God and all things being in His timing.

My brother being diagnosed with Cancer and me praying my heart out that Channel 5 would hire my husband so I could be closer to my family. He didn't get the job. They wanted a girl. Obviously, that's not something we could argue.

But God can move mountains and within three days of hearing the disappointing news about not getting the job, Channel 4 (the number one station in OKC) called Dylan wanting him. In two weeks. It was absolutely in His plan for us to be back home. I serve an unbelievable God.

My brother finished his treatment and is now Cancer free. I will never forget his last Cancer appointment and hearing the Children's Hospital staff singing him the Goodbye Cancer song. I just have chills and tears of joy writing this. My parents were out of town, and it was just me and my brother. What a memory! I love him more than words can say, and I am so thankful that he is healthy. So thankful.

Packing up our life and moving back to Oklahoma so we could live with my parents for a year while we saved for our first home. Needless to say, we bought our first home 2 1/2 months later and rebuilt the whole inside.

We celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary.

We now live in our home that was redone with more love and hard work than I could ever be thankful enough for. I really have the best family in the whole entire world.

We bought each other a Golden Retriever and in 8 days we'll welcome a new puppy into the mix.

I'm sure there is way more that went on than I can even remember right at this moment. This year presented a lot of struggles and hardship and a whole lot of celebration. Through it all I'm more happy right now, at this moment, than I've been in a really long time. I love my family, my husband, our health, our home... I could go on and on, but at the end of the day I am so excited for 2011 and my prayer is that it will be much calmer than the last! :)

Happy New Year!

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  1. I love that you can see God working in your life during everything! We do serve an amazing God!