Wednesday, November 21, 2012

7 days fresh...


You are one week old! This picture is about as good as it gets with our stickers...We'll try again next Wednesday :)
 You watched your first Celtics game with your Daddy when we were still in the hospital.
 I spent my time staring at you and holding you being a sweet cuddly babe. I have absolutely fallen in love with you and your cute self. Especially when you yawn. My goodness. I think it might be my favorite. 
 We went to the Pediatrician's office and I got to brag about how great you are. I also cried when we talked about breastfeeding/pumping. I was a hot mess of hormones, but she assured me it was normal & you got to show off your beautiful blue eyes. 
 And this is how we spend our nights: you sleep peacefully in between feedings/diaper changes and I just stare at you. I can't even begin to believe that you were in my belly just 7 days ago. You are an absolute miracle. I should probably sleep when you do, but how could I? You're already changing so fast. You are adorable and are so sweet natured I just want to soak up every second. 

Your Mommy.
(that sure feels good to say!)

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