Wednesday, January 23, 2013

2 months...

This month has been such a joy! You are one amazing little guy.  I just want to show you off to everyone we know. Who am I kidding, I show you off to people I don't know. I'm one of those people now and I couldn't love it more! 

YOU make my heart so proud. Your little personality is starting to shine and you are constantly cracking me up!
 What have we been up to this month? Well, we have mastered nursing & I am so thankful I stuck it out. You're starting to get squishy thighs. They are to die for.
You've been napping in your crib almost exclusively. Here you are 5 weeks fresh napping for the first time in your crib that I spent so many weeks praying over. Precious. Such a sweet reminder of how good our God is. 
 I've mastered bath time with you. I can do almost anything one handed. 
I saw your first smile and even had the phone out ready to snap a picture. 
It melted my heart more than words can express and each day that I get a new one just makes me squeal with delight. 
The two of you are hilarious and I can't wait to see your relationship grow.
We visited the station several times and you made your 3rd TV debut. First one actually in studio, and Daddy still has fans that come up to him to tell him how perfect you are. I can't say we disagree.
We celebrated our first Christmas together as a family of three. BOY was it eventful. It snowed, Daddy's car got ran into twice on the way to our Christmas round 2. The police came, everyone was safe. We celebrated with family and when Daddy got ready to leave for work, his keys were locked in his car with it running, blocking the whole driveway. We waited two hours for AAA, you were fussy. But we smiled through it as we tried to remember we were making memories that one day we would look back on and laugh. :) 
That same week we celebrated our last first Christmas together. This one wasn't quite as crazy.
 Last but not least we had your 2 month well check appointment.

You weighed in at 10.13 & you were 22.5 inches long. 
Long story short, I know which cry is which like the back of my hand. I'm starting to know your sleeping patterns and more than doubting myself as a mom, I'm confident. I know I can do this. I won't ever be perfect, but I promise to always try my best. :)

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