Sunday, January 20, 2013

One Month...

One month down, my dear. Can't hardly believe it! This month has been great. but I know they will just get better and better. This last week you started sleeping one 4-5 hour stretch accompanied by a 3 hour stretch. That has been great for both of us. :) 
We went on our first family "vacation" to Tulsa (ha!) for the day to do some Christmas shopping. You did amazing and we even got you the cutest long johns I've ever seen in my entire life. Do you see those snaps?! I die.

We went to your 1 month well check: You weighed in at 8lb. 10oz, 20.5 inches long. They assured me you were perfect and we talked about nursing and how well you were doing. You are such an easy going baby. You had your first shot. I wish I could tell you I cried like a normal mom, but I honestly laughed with tears in my eyes. The nurse came in so quick and just stabbed it right in your little thigh and she was out the door faster than I could say potato. It was crazy fast, but looking back-I wish they were all that fast. She was great, and you only cried for a split second. 

We took you to go see Santa. You two were adorable. I LOVE that this is your first picture with Mr. Claus. Thank you, North Pole City. 

As far as first months go, I'd say this was a darn good one. I love you more each day. :)

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  1. faster than i could say potato. I miss you!!! and this guy is the most handsome little thing I've ever laid eyes on!!