Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Oh hey...

Oh hi there! I thought I'd pop in and do a mini update. I can seem to find the time to keep (somewhat) up to date with my blog friends by reading their blogs on my iPad or iPhone, but rarely do I have time to comment or post myself. But here's the truth. I miss blogging. I miss having my updates and snippits of my day to day documented. So without further ado... FF to today. February & let's pretend I never left.

What's new? I died my hair ombre and I'm loving. I'm a mom. A working mom. I have very few minutes totally to myself so worry about my roots and scheduling hair appointments away from my boy is just not realistic for me right now. So here we are today: brown and blonde and I'm a fan. (Dylan-still not so sure, but he loves me.)

So you might've heard the Buckingham's were in the hospital for 11 straight days back in November. It was easily the worst time in my life and instead of dwelling on it, I will just give you a brief (ha!) synopsis and we'll move on. Deal?

Garrett had what we thought was just a cold. He was sick through is entire (fabulous) 1st birthday party. Like wouldn't even hold his head up to sit in a high chair to try sugar for the first time kind of sick. It was heartbreaking before I knew what heartbreaking looked like. Kind of like planning a huge wedding and then getting stood up at the alter? Just not at all how I had it envisioned. After about an hour of realizing this party was not going to perk up, we kicked everyone out & headed to the after hours clinic and were told to go straight to the ER. 8 hours in the ER and then we finally got put in a room. We were there and for 6 days and they still couldn't tell us what was wrong with our baby. To say that was rough is the biggest understatement of my life. I wept. I prayed. I didn't shower. I sat and prayed some more. I asked why me. And then I decided this was the hand we were dealt and I was ready to fight. Not fight like angry fight, just ready to tackle this and move on. We had visitors and family and cards and plants and the best support group you could ask for. But it was lonely. Dylan works a million hours a day and is rarely off two days in a row, but he was there for 11 straight days and the head of his TV station even came to visit us. Wow. What a testament to how blessed we are. Anyway, they found out what was wrong and after three surgeries we were told we would have 6 months of roughness and then he would come back for surgery and all would be forgotten. We are now on month three and we are under the impression he will have his final surgery next month. Woohoo! I have tried my hardest to handle myself with grace and not be a constant complainer. But yall. This is hard. Like so hard. Garrett is the biggest trooper and you would never even know he had anything wrong. But as a parent, wow. Dylan and I have been through it. Dylan handles himself so well and I'm sure he thinks I am a hot mess of emotion. But I can say, there is an end in sight and I am ready to seeeeeeee it.

Okay now that that's over with,  I am finding a new normal and I so badly want that to involve blogging. So here we go: I vow right here and now to make blogging a higher spot on my never ending to do list. See you tomorrow? Okay, great!

PS blogger is annoying me and I can't get any pictures to load. So if you even made it this far, bless you.


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