Friday, March 8, 2013

Happy Heart

I'm an art teacher.
I spend my day (sometimes nights/weekends) planning/prepping art projects for 330 students at our school. I lesson plan. I do research and I spend my time getting inspired. I love my job.
 I've always said that I have SO many things I'm interested in, that I've never had just one dream job. My brain works non stop on things that can be created. I love to do a lot.
 Sometimes lessons come from ideas I see on pinterest (thank you, God, for pinterest!), pictures I've read in a book or sometimes they pop up in the middle of the night when I'm going through my neverending to do list.
I don't teach from a book. I teach from my heart and I think that is important.
My point is, is that I am always thinking of what is coming up and how I can tie a cool project into a lesson that our students will not only remember with fond memories, but learn something from. Like every other student loving teacher, my creativity often goes straight to them and not necessarily to me. Which is okay. I like it that way. Most of the time. :)
But sometimes, I need my creativitiy to clear my mind. Since becoming a mom I crave that creativity even more. I think because my day to day is so strategically planned and I have gajillion things to do at every waking moment. I think it's an outlet. An outlet that I love and miss. 
I don't want to ever forget that part of me. Because yes, I am a wife. A mom. A teacher. 
And those are three of my favorite jobs I wouldn't trade for a second.
But, I'm also the same girl that needs to get her hands dirty and create. Which sounds silly since I do that Monday-Friday, but I mean for me.
Sometimes my projects are small... it always varies:  it could be a new recipe, a pillow cover, new curtains, a kitchen makeover while my husband's traveling out of town for a bowl game, a crafting and cocktails session with my family...
But this week, it was two new ikat paintings for our master bedroom.
And it sure felt good.

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  1. You are SO cute!!!!!! I just love this. Come teach me how to paint... and be creative... and to cook.... ah! miss you!!