Saturday, November 14, 2009

Amarillo Here We Come...

What is Amarillo, Texas? 

It is the 15th largest city in Texas.

It is the home of Cadillac Ranch.

It is home to the BIG TEXAN Steak Ranch Restaurant. It serves a 4.5 pound steak for free, if you can eat the whole thing and all of it's sides it in one hour. Whoop? 

Regardless, we're on our way December 9th. Dylan got offered a job at KFDA channel 10 news in Amarillo, Texas as a Sports Anchor Reporter! We couldn't be more excited! Dylan is so amazing at his gift, and it only took one month and four days for someone to snatch him up. We haven't even graduated yet, so the fact that he has a job lined up is only a huge compliment to how wonderful he is! I'm definitely a proud wife!

We went last Tuesday to the big city, and found an apartment that is very similar to our home now, it just has two bedrooms and two bathrooms, so we will always be prepared for company. I hope everyone comes to stay. It's a four hour drive straight on I-40 West. We can't wait to host you all!

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