Saturday, November 28, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

This past Thursday was our 4th Thanksgiving, but 1st one as a married couple, and I must say, it was by far our favorite! We spent the beginning of the day at Toby and Kris' and the last half of the day at my parents house. It was the first year my mom hosted Thanksgiving, and I think she did an incredible job. We planned our Black Friday extravaganza and decided who was going where. Normally our shopping team includes me and my mom and Gaybra and Jeff, but this year we recruited Dylan and Savannah. So with six, I must say we dominated. We split up, three and three and literally wiped out Walmart and Target, had breakfast by 7, and were back in bed by 8:00 am. It was quite a success! :) We are already planning our savings plan for next year! I hope you all had as wonderful a holiday as we did. We all have so many things to be thankful for!

On a down note, this is the first day after Thanksgiving that I haven't decorated for Christmas. That is something that has been pretty hard for me this year. Since we are spending our time packing and moving, we can't get our Christmas tree until we get to Amarillo. It's only a week and a half. Hopefully they will be on sale or something by then, so I will at least have that to be happy about! :) 

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