Sunday, July 8, 2012

23 Weeks...

Whoa. I just keep letting time get away from me, and I know I will be sad when I look back and realize I was a blog slacker. But here I am for my 23rd week update. 

Pregnancy Highlights:

Size of the Baby: Baby B is the size of a papaya this week. Which is bigger than a spaghetti squash. Let me just tell you, I went out and bought a spaghetti squash last week because I could NOT believe that something that big was inside of me. So unreal!

Maternity Clothes: I'm loving all dresses and my same comfy pants with maternity tshirts. Those are my normal outfits these days, or a maternity swimsuit and a coverup. I have been living in the water this summer. The only place my belly doesn't feel heavy :)

Gender: BOY!...still no name. 

Movement: So much more frequently! Almost constantly. I keep trying to catch his sweet little kicks from the outside. I've caught a couple, but it's like a freak accident.. I just can't wait til it happens and Dylan can feel a glimpse at what I'm feeling. But for now, I'm selfishly thankful for this time where it's just me.. It's our own little momma/baby relationship :)

Sleep: I sleep pretty good for the most part. My sweet mother in law bought me a pregnancy pillow, absolute heaven! My only complaint is sleeping on my sides hurt my hips- so I'm flipping back and fourth through out the night. I swear they are widening overnight. I wish that would calm down. Ha!

What I Miss: Not too much. I just feel really thankful... Scratch that- Maybe life before heartburn? Ha!

Cravings: Icees from 7-eleven. Yum! Dr. Pepper- straight, nothing else. 

Aversions: Protein. But, I am REALLY trying. 

Best moment this week: My sweet mom painting the nursery for us as a surprise. It is SO beautiful and perfect! And...Catching little baby kicks in the morning from the outside. It makes for a great morning wake up.  OH and another appt hearing his sweet little heartbeat. 155. Lots of best moments. :)

*Bump pictures are so awkward. I apologize. 

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