Thursday, December 6, 2012

3 weeks...

Garrett Asher,

What cutie boy you are with your eyes on. Today you turned 3 weeks old! I can't hardly fathom that next week we'll be celebrating one month in the world, together! Unreal! You are a dream baby. I almost feel guilty when people ask me how you're doing, because honestly you're the sweetest thing. 

You eat, you sleep & then you poop. Then we repeat. When you sleep you are so precious, I could just watch you the whole time. Most of the time I choose that over vacuuming/unloading the dishwasher... I just know as soon as I look away you've grown again. So instead, I just watch you and take in these precious memories.
You also started making the sweetest little baby squeaks. Oh my gosh, be still my heart. It is so adorable listening to you find your voice. It makes me so proud to call you ours. My heart nearly bursts. You're also hitting a big growth spurt this week. You are hungry all.the.time! Which let's be honest, is exhausting for both of us, particularly in the middle of the night... but when you have a full belly you are such a sweet sleeper.
 I love being home with you, but I get antsy around the house- so we've been staying bus and are pretty much always on the go.
We went on our first walk around the neighborhood

We visited Daddy at the station. You were a hit! ;)

But all in all...
THESE moments, make the night shift worth it. We are so thankful for you! Happy three weeks, sweet baby boy!

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