Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Let's Recap the Week...

My Gparents and I hit the road on Thursday to head home to see my family. Although it was mostly a heavy trip home, I wouldn't have had it any other way. Let me break it down for you:

On Thursday, our oldest family dog passed away. She was almost 14, it was hard, but it was like she waited for me to be there, and I feel really blessed to have been home with the rest of my family. We had a little doggy funeral that would have put Marley & Me to shame. We were pretty cute, I'm not going to lie. Here is Annie the day that I was surprised with her for my birthday
And this was her most recently cuddling with Piper, which is quite shocking, because as Annie got older, she definitely got crankier, as most old women do, but Piper even won her over at times :)
We'll miss you Annie Varmint! I hope you can bark at lots of doggies and bask in the sunshine uninterrupted!
In the mess of the whole Annie ordeal, my brother dropped his phone in the pool, which led to an early birthday celebration.

On Friday, we headed to the Apple store to buy Jason an iphone for his May birthday. He was a happy guy! We're so excited he's finally in the iphone club, he was the last one of our family to get one. It was about time. I also got to meet up with a couple of my dear friends I used to work with. It was wonderful to get to talk with them. I miss them so much!

On Saturday, in true fashion, my parents and I went out to hit the garage sales. This has been a Saturday tradition in our family for two years now? Wow! We all came out with something great, but the best find of the day, was this vintage coffee cup of my husbands favorite basketball team
to be used as his pen cup at work. For a whopping $.50 you would have thought I brought home a brand new car! That afternoon, after making the most beautiful veggie tray I've ever seen, we headed to my best friends bridal shower. She got lots of goodies, and it was definitely a good time. Here are two of my best girlfriends, Megan the soon to be bride is in the middle

On Sunday, I met up with Dylan's mom for her to give us our Easter presents, the best jelly beans in all of the land
Then we headed to this little guy's 4th birthday Party! Can someone please tell me where these last 4 years have gone?!

I got to finish reading my book
I am anxiously anticipating the next one.

I spent lots of quality time with my mom, which is always a plus. I really love her a lot. She's quite possibly the cutest mom of all time. I wish we lived closer. One day we will :)
Sunday evening, my mom and I headed back to Texas for a mini girls road trip to take me back home, and it was the quickest 4 hour car ride of our lives. We got in town just in time to see Dylan on TV, and catch up on the latest Kendra episode.

Monday morning she headed back to Oklahoma. Oh how I miss her so. Less than three weeks til' we get to do it all over again. Not that I'm counting or anything! :)

Now it's back to the grind, last night I made homemade barbecue chicken pizza, omg. Yum-doesn't even begin to describe it's goodness!

Blah, I'll try not to store so much information before next time. That was entirely too long! :)


  1. Emily you are the cutest thing ever. I love you so much :) Where did you ever find that picture of Annie? So sweet!

  2. Um can I please have this BBQ chicken pizza recipe?!