Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ode to Super Target...

Let me first start out by saying this post was going to be dedicated to my love of Super Target. Since I hate posts without pictures, I went out in the world wide web to bring you THIS
Which is the Oklahoma City Super Target, which is near and dear to my heart. I used to visit it almost daily, and now can honestly tell you (I'm so ashamed) I have not step foot inside since Christmas Eve. :( In my defense, Amarillo does not have a Super target, only a regular, which in my opinion... Is stupid. Therefore I don't go.

Anyway, on my quest to find that picture, I stumbled upon THIS
Can I just say OMG?! Looking at those two pictures my OKC Super Target looks like a dud! How cool would it be to shop here? I vote Amarillo needs this! It would definitely stop all my negative thoughts! ;)

On another side note- I can't even wait for REAL HOUSEWIVES tonight. It's a double wammy, Season Finale of the OC ladies, and Season Premier of the NYC ladies. I better be on the treadmill for these two.

Happy Thursday!


  1. i've never honestly seen a super target in my life. we don't have them in seattle. the only one we have is a regular which i used to work at and now i can't stand to be in there for more than 5 minutes even then i dodge the people i used to work with..

  2. We don't have any Super Targets around here either, but I am sure I would LOVE it! I love the regular Target (maybe I would think it's stupid after experiencing a super), it's impossible to go in and not get way more than what you intended. Love hate relationship I guess =)