Saturday, April 10, 2010

Something Borrowed...

Coming to Theaters 2011.

This post has been many weeks in the making, but they have announced who will be playing most of the parts in the upcoming movie "Something Borrowed" based on the wonderful book, written by Emily Giffin. Although not all of the parts are filled, the majority have been, so let me break it down for you:

Rachel White: Played by Ginnifer Goodwin

Darcy Rhone: Played by Kate Hudson

Dexter Thaler (Dex): Played by Colin Egglesfield

Ethan: Played by Jonathan Krasinski

And, it's not for sure yet, but most likely Colin Farrell will play Marcus:

For the most part I think they are spot on. I love love love Ginnifer Goodwin, and think she will do a perfect Rachel. Ethan's character, Jonathon Krasinski is also perfect. So close to what I imagined. Dex's character looks great, and I think Colin Farrell would be a pretty good Marcus. Kate Hudson as Darcy? Eh. I get that they needed at least one big name for box office value, but she doesn't even have dark hair? Hopefully they'll do something about that. I guess it could be worse, she definitely has the personality to make it good.

I have high hopes for this movie. I sure hope it doesn't disappoint. :)

*all photos can be found on google images.

**UPDATE: Van from Reba will play Marcus! How perfect!! :)

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