Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I'd like to introduce to you...

Fenway Parker Buckingham

Here's a closer version. He's not actually as orange as he appears in this picture.

On a different note, we took Piper to PetSmart today, trying to socialize her a little more. She of course was a trooper, and despite the fact she hasn't been bathed/groomed in far too long, she was quite the little attention getter. She was a hit!

We took her down the toy aisle so that she could get a new one, and she of course fell in love with this giraffe.

Now she is perfectly content with her squeeking giraffe. I'd say it was a successful day.


  1. Wonderful blog Emily! I found you through Dylan's, via FB. Now, you need to spice up Dylan's blog design. =)

  2. I love Piper already. PetSmart is fun too.

  3. Your dog is so stinkin' cute! Super cute blog!

  4. Thanks so much guys! She's a crazy! :)