Saturday, November 20, 2010

This is the First Time...

I'm blogging from my new home!

I'm sitting in my living room with beautifully painted walls, wonderful hardwood floors, a gorgeous fireplace and each and every detail of our home was done with love. I'm thankful for more things that I can even begin to count this Thanksgiving. It makes my heart smile. I just feel so blessed.

Tonight I plan to accomplish laundry and start getting our home in order. It makes me so giddy to know that Dylan and I are making memories that will last our entire lives. Someday we'll be telling our grandchildren about out first house, and these are the moments I want to remember. That Piper loves her new home and I think more than anything, loves having her mommy and daddy's undivided attention. :) That our first grocery trip cost us $250 freaking dollars. That our washing machine started leaking out our garage and filled the entire garage floor, including our boxes. That our first night in our new house, we didn't have sheets due to the washing machine issue. But most importantly, that we've never been happier or more proud of our first big investment together. We would love a cardboard box, if that's what we could get, but knowing that this whole house is ours... it makes my heart swell. I love this life we've been given. I will never ever take these moments for granted.

Every good and perfect gift is from above.
James 1:17

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