Monday, May 3, 2010

Home Sweet Home?...

I've been such a bad blogger lately. It's just so hard to come up with things to talk about when I have basically nothing new going on. There are only so many laundry/dishes blogs I can write about. Hopefully soon that will change. I'm in desperate need of change. :)

Yesterday as I went to go pay our rent I came to the realization that next month is our last rent check due on this lease. How crazy is that? We are on month five of this crazy journey. I can't even begin to handle how fast this has gone by. As much as I hate living in Texas, (& so desperately want to be back in Oklahoma) I still can't believe we're almost to the sixth month point. Not to say we're leaving after sixth months, I mean my goodness, only God knows, we'll probably be here much longer.

It just makes me think back to October, right after Dylan and I got married, and he called me frantic to see if I wanted to move to Texas for his job. Our first HUGE decision as a newly married couple. Who was I to say no? I would go anywhere to pursue his dream with him. I think back to December, coming here with my mom and Dylan to look for a potential home for us, and after a ton of disappointment, we found an apartment similar to our previous one, and went with a sixth month lease. At the time, all I remember thinking is, "I can do anything for sixth months"... and I can. I will.

Amarillo is SO not what I thought it would be. We're making good friends, and everyone at Dylan's news station has been more than wonderful to the two of us. It's been such a huge adjustment, and I think I'm finally starting to consider this our home. Not a permanent home, but our home. I think for so long I didn't want to admit to the fact that we live in Texas. Not even a cool part of Texas, but Amarillo, Texas. I kept telling myself it was temporary, and although I still feel that way... We do live here. We have an address, and a new church, and new friends. It's real. We live here. I'm glad my home is with Dylan, still the best decision I ever made. :)

* Off to a quilt show for 8 days. I'll be back with blogs from Mother's Day, and my week of adventures. Get ready! ;)


  1. It's ok to say you live in Texas. :) At least Amarillo lends itself to ski trips easily! :)

  2. just love your site! the title was what drew my in. you & hubby are such a cute couple. i won't pretend to know what you are going through, because i spent most of my younger years trying to run away from home-florida. i wasn't very successful at it. but as i grow older, i am missing my family more, even though we are only 2-3 hours apart. when you are on a budget, you might as well be in NY.
    cheer up, texas isn't that bad, i used to live in San Antonio, which is great. if you ever get down there ( i know its is only a mere 8 hours away) there is a wonderful burger place named Chris Madrid's {} where $5 burgers are worth the price. afterwards you can head into the many awesome antique shops & salvage yards. maybe this will give you something to look forward to.
    thanks for listening.

  3. It's hard being in an unfamiliar place, but you know Steve and I are here for y'all! We need to cook out when you come back :)